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Artist Statement

I tell stories because I think it’s the soul of our existence. Meeting others and hearing their stories is why I believe we are here. We are here to form relationships, to meet, interact, make friends, love, and record a lineage. My artwork is an extension of this idea. Each piece records a point in time, a conversation, a story passed down from generation to generation. My hope is that these visual stories will reach my audience in a new way. Perhaps they will create their own story or bring back an old memory.

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I’m interested in telling stories and relating conversations about people I have encountered. Romantic relationships, worldly issues, and conversations with my inner self always seem to come to the forefront. Stories make history and I believe they are important in the preservation of history. Text is important in my work for I have a love of handwriting. I became passionate about this at an early age for both of my grandmothers gave me guidance in this area. One grandmother had impeccable cursive handwriting and the other wrote unbelievably beautiful letters that were full of imagination. A lot of my works take the form of books because I find the book a metaphor for self and body. Other pieces come in the form of small interiors. I have been making light box constructions that contain small scenes revealing a story or experience. In my larger installations and sculptures, I use pieces of furniture to realistically relate the concept home and interior. The furniture creates an atmosphere of comfort. Every object drawn or used in the sculptures or installations have a specific meaning and function to the story. In my light box constructions, I manipulate furniture pieces to incorporate small interiors and every object I craft. In these interiors I use a variety in printmaking, paper sculpture, photography, and paint. Text in my work, many times disguised in the interiors, comes from many sources such as typewriters, old letters journals, and vinyl letters.

My conceptual process begins with a spark, an idea. I do many sketches and often large scale drawings to bring my vision to life. Depending on the concept, I choose various mediums to address my subject. I use varied mediums because I believe the idea should dictate the medium. In my sculptures, I look for objects that will tell my stories and I intricately weave a narrative into each piece of art.

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Curriculum Vitae


  • Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (2001)
  • Post Baccalaureate Program, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (1999)
  • Continuing Education Program, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (1998)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Maryville College, Maryville, TN (1997)
  • Florida Teacher Certification, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (2006-07)